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RPA Online – Your key to success

The Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) Online quickly analyzes your plant and shows how well you perform in a variety of critical areas.

With the Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA), you can evaluate your plant within 15 minutes. You will receive a complete evaluation including a benchmark comparison and individual recommendations for action from our experienced consultants.

Your advantage:
You get a fast, cost- and risk-free overview of your plant(s) including a first evaluation of the potential improvements.

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The RPA at a glance

  • Assessment tool with evaluation criteria for plants
  • Criteria catalog based on years of experience
  • 15 minutes processing time
  • Assessment by several key employees and plants possible

The results and achievements of TARGUS

  • Customized feedback within 72 hours
  • Graphical classification in different categories including benchmarking
  • Improvement potential analysis by experienced consultants
  • On request, a personal conversation with offers for support by TARGUS

The focus areas of the RPA Online

  • Management systems
  • Personnel management
  • Production supply
  • Occupational safety
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Quality and workplace
  • Sales