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More performance with the right solutions

Our TARGUS Toolbox consists of tested, continually-refined methods. With custom-tailored approaches, we achieve effective results for your company. Our solutions increase your company performance. That’s how we are judged.

“TARGUS is the successful combination of methodological competence and management experience.“

Markus Koerfer – Partner TARGUS

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Strategic Total Planning

Grow your business! Strategic planning is the driver of your future success.

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Research and Development 

Efficiency begins upfront with product development. Expand your portfolio with cost optimized innovations that translate into sales!

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Exploit your potential! Modern procurement is a strategic management task that directly impacts your businesses success.

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SCM and Logistics 

On time, at the right place. Optimize your logistics! Through transparent processes you will find time wasters and cost drivers.

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Production is the heart of your operating value creation. With the right adjustments you will permanently produce at world class levels!

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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing is the middleman between your company and your clients. Develop profitable competitive advantages. Pursuade with added value!

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When a company experiences profit or liquidity crisis, urgent and profound support is needed to prevent imminent insolvency.

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COVID-19 Topics

Our STAR approach will help you to emerge from the current situation in the most effective way and stronger than your competitors.

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