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Consideration of the company’s digitization strategy

In the course of progressive digitization, solutions for electronic procurement and automated evaluation (e-procurement) in particular are gaining in importance in the development of modern procurement. The use of these internet-based information and communication technologies to support and optimize the entire procurement process enables the realization of numerous positive effects:

  • Increase in process speed
  • Improve process quality
  • Reduction of process costs
  • Increased security of supply
  • Improve data integrity

The automation of time-consuming tasks, especially in operational procurement, creates opportunity for performing strategic tasks. A streamlined procurement with more and higher quality data allows the realization of further savings potentials.

Overview of the tool evaluation (excerpt)

04 Uebersicht der Toolbewertung Auszug EN - E-Procurement

Project outcomes

  • Efficiency increases by reducing the operational effort within procurement and its interfaces
  • Reduction of process and purchasing costs by >10%
  • Increased data transparency and automation of processes
  • High acceptance in the organization