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KPI Management

KPI Management decreases downtime

Using Key Performance Indicator Management, abbreviated KPI Management, operating efficiency is evaluated and aligned with target values. The goal is to recognize deviations as quickly as possible and minimize disruptions and work stoppages through rapid countermeasures. We support you in developing a customized KPI system and optimization of your processes.

More Transparency through KPI Management

Data acquisition, analysis, and reporting form the basis for continuous improvement. The real value is that KPI Management visualizes results, making them transparent for workers and management. This now allows for focused results management.


Achieving Operational Excellence requires the best methods. Our unique systems offer you an ongoing advantage for the entire project.

KPI Management tailored

With TARGUS KPI Management, we offer you an innovative method to measure the operating efficiency of your facilities. Our experts customize the KPI System exactly to your on-site requirements. A customized front-end data acquisition makes simple data reporting directly at the machines possible. Current OEE trends of your facility are displayed in graphs and allow on-going evaluation of productivity and alignment with target values. When deviations occur, immediate countermeasures are taken.

The data is automatically included in a Line Performance Monitoring report for further analysis and standardization reporting. The actual daily output is summarized in structured Cockpit-Charts for management.

ENG KPI Management 600 - KPI Management

Typical results from KPI Management

  • Fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Fewer production stoppages through rapid countermeasures
  • More transparency and responsibility of workers through visualization of long-term trends
  • Increased worker satisfaction
  • Quickly implemented (without IT-Project)
  • Immediate transparency

Applied KPI-Management

In several projects to increase the overall equipment effectiveness of a filling and packaging facility, KPI Management was introduced as a result of OEE analysis. Here, our front-end for data acquisition was directly installed on the equipment. This allowed for evaluation of productivity data immediately from the start of the project and their alignment with target values. To continuously visualize key production data and down-times, Shop Floor Boards were introduced. The workers on the production lines were required to immediately begin countermeasures when a stoppage occurred, and to document them on the boards. The transparency obtained through KPI Management forms the basis for sustainably successful operations management, with the inclusion of all workers.