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Case Studies by TARGUS

Every project has an innovative and tailor-made solution as a result. The case studies are intended to illustrate our way of working and to present the individual solutions of the TARGONAUTS.

Our projects are tailored to the customer’s requirements. This is the only way to achieve the best result for the customer.

Jürgen Tulow – Member of the board TARGUS

Case Study: Rapid output increase in pharmaceutical production

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Good advice alone is not enough. If corporate consultancies want to achieve optimal impact, they must ensure that ideas are successfully implemented for their clients. TARGUS has helped a global pharmaceutical company to greatly increase its market potential by putting recommendations into action.

Case Study: How TARGUS supplier radar secures your supply chain

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Even if your own production is geared for efficiency, the entire supply chain must still be monitored at all times. To avoid production downtime due to a supply disruption, it is necessary to react immediately to the earliest problem signals from throughout the supply chain. TARGUS has actively supported a global engine manufacturer in identifying and targetedly securing “shaky” suppliers and deliveries at an early stage for its highly complex range of parts.

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