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Our Methods

Together we achieve success

In interdisciplinary teams we prepare results-oriented solutions together with you and implement them effectively and permanently. Respectful cooperation with each other is a requirement for project success.

“We work according to the premise “as much analysis as necessary, as much implementation as possible” and thus realize sustainable project results.“

Jürgen Tulow, Partner TARGUS


We work together at various levels of the company with our client’s employees. Our clients call that “collaboration with respect”. We’re proud of that.


personalized and realistic

The proper project preparation is a prerequisite for success for TARGUS. In the pre-project stage we prepare personalized solutions and define realistic goals. We use this information right from the start of the project to fine-tune our tailored approach. Therefore our consultants require only a short time to prepare. Consulting teams are personalized for each project.

focused and quick

Right from the beginning TARGUS projects are focused on a rapid implementation of the developed measures. Due to our experience we quickly recognize the essential levers for necessary changes. Consequently, we focus our projects on them and always strive for the best solutions, that quickly pay for themselves.

collaborative and pleasant

We identify ourselves closely with the business of our clients and work closely together with the management and workforce. From project inception on we promote acceptance of the project goals and TARGUS methods by the affected workforce. We are always transparent and trustworthy. We work out mutually agreed upon solutions and define concrete measures. We implement them effectively and permanently.


Our consulting begins with the concept and ends with the achieved goals. Effective results monitoring by TARGUS along with regular review of the project progress ensures the sustainability of the profit improvement. Using our proven professional and personal competence we focus successfully to change the concrete thinking and actions of our client‘s workforce.