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TARGUS Training Academy

Project-related training

Sustainability is rightly demanded by a consulting project in many companies. In order to ensure this, the employees of a company, who are often organized in a decentralized manner, must experience new procedures. Standards must therefore be trained and established in parallel.

This is why we have developed the TARGUS Procurement Academy. A training box made up of different components, which represent individual elements from the purchasing process and are combined to form an overall training concept according to the situation.

The linking of training components with the project work “Training on the Job” enables multiple synergies: By conducting the appropriate training in-house for larger groups of employees, considerable economic advantages can be achieved in comparison with an external individual qualification of the employees. In addition, the training content is developed and implemented using real-life examples.

Qualification requirements according to requirements & skills

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TARGUS Training Academy

A wide range of topics is conceivable as training content. The themes listed in the table have often proved to be particularly important. Individual coaching of employees can also be carried out on request.

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