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Product Group Strategy

Parallel training and further development of the organization

The development of product group strategies is ideally suited to combine a project approach with the methodological and personal development of the personnel.

In addition to the targeted reduction of material costs and the qualification of the purchasing staff, the purchasing manager also has the opportunity to optimize the control of the purchasing organization. This is particularly recommended for international, cross-location organizational units.

Through the use of selected tools, the future orientation of the product groups is quickly visible:

12 Ausgesuchte Tools im Bootcamp EN - Product Group Strategy

Systematic and transparent data preparation together with a clear strategic orientation enables successful product group work:

12b Warengruppenstrategie Exemplarischer Prozess EN - Product Group Strategy

Project outcomes

  • Cross-location product group management implemented
  • Monthly best practice exchanges established
  • Potentials identified in the amount of approx. 10%
  • Implementation of the product group strategy through negotiations, supplier developments, and audits
  • Customer-side implementation of the next product groups ensured by means of coaching