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Operational Turnaround

Operational Turnaround.

As part of a turnaround, TARGUS optimizes business operations by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and engaging new sales opportunities to improve earnings.

By evaluating the plausibility of the current business plan we derive the true earnings gap. We then focus on implementing measures which rapidly reduce costs and increase productivity. To ensure these measures are implemented successfully the necessary activities are planned in detail, responsibilities and deadlines are defined and continuously monitored during implementation. To help to improve sales, we analyze your product portfolio for opportunities to improve pricing and to engage your customers in a targeted manner.

Operativer Turnaround EN - Operational Turnaround

Main content

Define the gap to target and evaluate the feasibility of the current business plan

Rapid implementation of sustainable cost reductions

Consistently increase productivity

Define action plans and controlling mechanisms

Increase revenues through engaging new sales opportunities