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Productivity Improvement (OEE)

Productivity improvement (OEE) increases the output of your facilities

Availability, performance and quality are the 3 parameters that influence total plant effectiveness. Using benchmarks for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE for short, the value creation of your facility is measured and the productivity of facilities can be compared. In order to achieve benchmarks for facility productivity in the industry, the interaction of complex factors must be optimally configured. Using our systematic approach we can show you the levers to increase the productivity of your facilities.

Productivity improvement with system

Our goal is not to change just one factor but to significantly improve all 3 OEE contributing factors. Unplanned stoppages, idle time and quality defects must be revealed and their causes determined. Therefore we scrutinize your processes using our systematic analytical approach combined with the comprehensive technical competence and extensive practical experience of our consultants.

ENG Produktivitaetssteigerung OOE L - Productivity Improvement (OEE)

Productivity Improvement (OEE) tailored

With our customized approach to productivity improvement, we are not just looking for measures to increase productivity but we document, evaluate and prioritize all improvement suggestions and ideas for your facility effectiveness. We have developed a clearly defined procedure to do this. This way we can ensure that each idea is followed up and the best possible improvement procedures are implemented.

Individual interdisciplinary teams from production, maintenance, QM/QA and logistics evaluate each and every idea and determine its expected effect on OEE. Through detailed observation we find often exciting solutions. Together with you we plan in detail the implementation of measures. The recognized impediments to achieve goals are completely resolved. Continuous redevelopment and customer specific application of our measuring and evaluation methods is all in a day’s work for us.

Typical Results of Productivity Improvement (OEE)

  • Increase in production output
  • Better equipment availability
  • Higher quality
  • Fewer stoppages
  • Better understanding of breakdowns
  • Defined and measurable ramp-up plan

Productivity Improvement (OEE) in action

For a client in the pharmaceutical industry we analyzed facility productivity and developed approaches to increase productivity together with the client’s workforce. Along with the company requirements there were also industry specific regulatory requirements to be followed. The effect of each idea was projected or simulated. Based on priority and time constraints our consultants implemented numerous measures that through close cooperation with the on-site QA Department met the regulatory requirements:

  • Maintenance Blitz
  • Improved technical details
  • Altered regulation of breaks
  • Optimal shift manning
  • Regulated changeover procedures
  • Investment proposals

The sum of many individual projects resulted ultimately in a doubling of output of key measurables thereby significantly improving productivity.