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Your value added

Quick results and real changes

With the correct project preparation combined with tailored concepts we achieve the best possible results for our clients. We tap your potential, strengthen your market position and increase your productivity.

“The maximum return for our clients is the focus of our consulting projects – before, during and after the project.”

Carsten Pohlmann – Partner TARGUS


We offer you real value added which clearly distinguishes us from other management consultants and ensure that the project returns quickly exceed the project cost by a wide margin.


The right project preparation

is part of our success. During the TARGUS pre-project you have the opportunity to get acquainted with us and our methods. We use the results acquired during this step to fine tune our approaches. Our consulting teams require therefore a very short orientation time.

TARGUS tailored

The methods from our TARGUS Toolbox are unique. They are based on proven approaches which we continually refine and enhance with our know-how. We use these concepts in detail in projects tailored to your organization’s needs. Our work is custom-tailored.

Toolbox plus

You profit from the innovative concepts developed by our consultants which enhance our TARGUS Toolbox. Using the unique combination of many methods we utilize synergies and achieve additional savings.


We work in mixed interdisciplinary teams of experiencedmanagers, consultants and your employees. With this bundling of competence we quickly achieve substantial results.


Through partnership cooperation and intensive participation of the workforce on the development of solutions, changes are solidified in the organization for the future.


  • Unsere Erfahrung und unseren technischen Sachverstand
  • Die Zusammenarbeit auf Augenhöhe
  • Unsere systematische und transparente Arbeitsweise
  • Das maßgeschneiderte Projektvorgehen
  • Unsere herausragenden Ergebnisse
  • Unsere Beraterteams, die auch nach Projektende noch ein offenes Ohr haben