Production at a world class level

Production is the core of your operational value creation. With the right set screws you produce permanently on a world class level. Operational efficiency is a key factor in the economic success of manufacturing companies.

With extensive methods, our Operational Excellence approach optimizes processes along the entire value chain. From the variety of common and less known approaches and methods, we have developed an integrated system with our OpEx Toolbox. So we look at more than just the individual aspects of operational excellence. Due to the constant refinement of our methods and the addition of our own concepts, we additionally extend our toolbox.

Efficiency, quality and consistent focus on the needs of our customers are the focus of TARGUS. Our experienced consultants identify your cost drivers and lead you to operational excellence with profitable solutions.

Our Services

Opex Toolbox

Personalized concepts are needed in order to remain competitive. But what works for one company, does not work for another. We guide you with our tailored concepts to Operational Excellence

Rapid Plant Assessment Online

With the Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA), you can evaluate your plant within 15 minutes. You will then receive a complete evaluation including a benchmark comparison as well as individual recommendations for action from our experienced consultants.


Differing lot sizes and different products require a quick changeover. Often there is hidden potential in the flexibility of production facilities and the organization of the changeover procedure. Single Minute Exchange of Die, SMED for short, represents a reduction of changeover times and the optimization of the manufacturing process. With the SMED process we can evaluate your entire internal and external changeover procedures separately.

Maintenance with TPM

Often maintenance is seen as necessary but burdensome task. By implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) potential savings along the entire value added chain can be found and maintenance can be optimized going forward. Decisive for success is the inclusion of maintenance in the daily routine.

Statistical Operations Data Analysis

The operations data recording systems of modern production facilities contain a treasure trove of data that is too seldom utilized. In order to systematically evaluate this data we have developed Statistical Operations Data Analysis (SODA). Based on obtained results we prepare measures to reduce operating costs and increase productivity in your company.

Productivity Improvement (OEE)

Availability, performance and quality are the 3 parameters that influence total plant effectiveness. Using benchmarks for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE for short, the value creation of your facility is measured and the productivity of facilities can be compared. In order to achieve benchmarks for facility productivity in the industry, the interaction of complex factors must be optimally configured. Using our systematic approach we can show you the levers to increase the productivity of your facilities.

Lean Production

The goal of Lean Production is to eliminate waste in production. Overproduction, inventory, transportation routes, wait times, complicated processes, scrap and downtime cause significant extra costs. Resources in the form of materials, time and labor are wasted. We streamline your production processes with Lean Production and increase the productivity of your facility. Especially in the area of mass production the positive effects of process optimization through Lean Production are especially evident.

KPI Management

Using Key Performance Indicator Management, abbreviated KPI Management, operating efficiency is evaluated and aligned with target values. The goal is to recognize deviations as quickly as possible and minimize disruptions and work stoppages through rapid countermeasures. We support you in developing a customized KPI system and optimization of your processes.

5S Operational Excellence

Health, safety and discipline are among the most important principles of an organization. Below 5S, sometimes also called 5A, is summarized. Sort = sort Set in Order = set in order Shine = clean up work place Standardize = standardize and Sustain = sustain & improve Only when the advantages for everyone are evident can the workforce be mobilized and the path to Operational Excellence can be jointly pursued. Acceptance is the key to success.

Productivity Improvement

In production, waste and losses are to be avoided. Both reduce the overall equipment effectiveness (GAE) of a production facility, internationally referred to as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Downtimes, idle times and rejects reduce the plant’s effectiveness. The productivity of a plant is influenced by three factors: Power Availability and Quality In order to achieve a sustainable increase in productivity, our consultants do not look at the performance of individual factors in isolation, but analyze their interplay with our systemic approach.

Employee development through the TIP

Motivated and well trained first level managers are the drivers for Operational Excellence. In addition to the optimization of processes and organizational structures, we have developed the TARGUS Teamleader Improvement Program to improve the productivity of your management. Our program is focused on first level management.


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