Supply Chain Management and Factory Planning

Consistent supply chain and logistics management ranges from strategic network and process development to the implementation of control systems and planning tools to the selection of the right material supply strategy for your production.

Planning, construction and ramp-up of new factories and plant expansions are always a critical project for the affected companies and their successful implementation contributes significantly to the company’s success. TARGUS offers the right support for every phase of your factory planning. With proven methods, we always find a tailor-made approach for you and your individual requirements.

Through transparent processes, you will find time wasters and cost drivers. With sophisticated concepts, we show you which options and process changes promise the greatest benefit for your company and accompany you in the implementation:

Supply Chain Management: We examine your company internally and inter-company in a network cluster. Efficient processes are planned and introduced in line with your corporate strategy. With suitable process control, processing times are shortened and cost advantages are achieved. In addition, a suitable configuration increases the resilience of the entire network cluster.

We focus on risk management in the supply chain and the aspects of increasing digitization.

Network and factory planning: Different triggers can cause you to have to re-evaluate your production network. With the PLACE model, we offer you the right approach to make your localization project successful.

Häufig wird in diesem Zusammenhang Planung, Hochlauf oder Schließung einzelner Produktionsstätten erforderlich. Die unterschiedlichen Phasen eines solchen Großprojekts erfordern jeweils angepasste Vorgehensweisen hinsichtlich Steuerung und Controlling. Unsere erfahrenen Experten liefern Ihnen dabei professionelles Projektmanagement, halten die Komplexität des Vorhabens für Sie überschaubar und unterstützen Sie bei der internen und externen Kommunikation. Dies erlaubt es Ihnen, u.a. die phasenbezogen Projektbudgets und die Gesamtkostenentwicklung im Griff zu halten.

Logistics Management: We concentrate on the internal processes at the locations, but keep an eye on all aspects of procurement, production, and distribution logistics. Short turnaround times and high quality create sustainable competitive advantages. Optimized processes, inventories and transports sustainably reduce costs.

Our Services

Factory Planning

Through analysis of the individual processes we reveal manufacturing steps and value streams in order to recognize weaknesses and bottlenecks. Using simulation our logistics experts can not only display the comparison between internal and external performance, but prepare effective suggestions for your plant design.

Value Stream Mapping

An essential element of an efficient production process is a lean organization with high equipment availability, a high degree of efficiency and low scrap rates. With Value Stream Mapping we use a recognized method to measure and display transparently the current structure of the entire processing landscape.

Supply Chain & Logistic Screening

Current influencing factors, such as high energy costs, shortages of skilled personnel or exceptional pandemic situations, place ever greater demands on the economic and competitive design of supply chain networks and the associated logistics processes. With the Supply Chain & Logistics Screening developed by TARGUS, we uncover optimization potential and initiate sustainable actions that significantly increase the performance of your supply chain and logistics processes.


Demographic changes, shortage of resources, increasing cost and competitive pressures, elevated customer demands and globalization are forcing companies to react to volatility in the marketplace and restructure their production networks. With the PLACE-Model developed at TARGUS we offer you a field tested approach to optimize your localization projects.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the company-wide coordination and optimization of the entire Value Added Chain from raw material procurement through the individual process stages up to the final product to the customer. As leading management consultants for operations we support you in setting up and optimizing an efficient Supply Chain Management system.

Supply Chain Risk Management

The goal of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is to ensure continuity of production processes. To this end, companies and their supply chains must be prepared for, and protected against, unexpected events (proactive SC risk management). However, companies cannot counter all risk and must be able to deal effectively with the impacts from supply chain disruptions (reactive SC risk management).


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