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To go high,
you need to look low.

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Challenging goals won’t be achieved on paper.

That is why, as consultants, we stay engaged in the implementation phase as well, bringing our full expertise wherever needed: From boardroom to boots on the production floor, across all levels – and in the last detail. The outcome? Excellent solutions that sustainably drive results.
TARGUS works.

„Our goal is to deliver solutions that actually work – and it makes me very proud to see us being awarded for our impact.”
Andreas Sans – Member of the board TARGUS

TARGUS works.

Learn more about our way to work – and why it might be a good idea to partner with us – in our video.

Find our more about the career opportunities here and how to become part of the TARGUS Team.

TARGUS works.

Operating worldwide on behalf of our customers

In teams, we jointly develop implementation-oriented solutions and apply them effectively and permanently. The respectful interaction with each other is a prerequisite for the success of the project.

We work according to the premise “as much analysis as necessary, as much implementation as possible”. Using our individual TARGUS tailored concepts together we find the optimal solutions for your company.

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Man-years of practice experience

TARGUS tailored – Customized management consulting

Our TARGUS Toolbox consists of tested, continually refined methods. With custom tailored approaches we achieve effective results for your company. Our solutions increase your company performance. That’s how we are judged.

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Strategic Total Planning

Grow your business! Strategic planning is the driver of your future success.

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Research and Development 

Efficiency begins upfront with product development. Expand your portfolio with cost optimized innovations that translate into sales!

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Exploit your potential! Modern procurement is a strategic management task that directly impacts your businesses success.

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SCM and Logistics 

On time, at the right place. Optimize your logistics! Through transparent processes you will find time wasters and cost drivers.

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Production is the heart of your operating value creation. With the right adjustments you will permanently produce at world class levels!

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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing is the middleman between your company and your clients. Develop profitable competitive advantages. Pursuade with added value!

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When a company experiences profit or liquidity crisis, urgent and profound support is needed to prevent imminent insolvency.

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COVID-19 Topics

Our STAR approach will help you to emerge from the current situation in the most effective way and stronger than your competitors.

Your added value: maximum customer benefit

The maximum customer benefit is at the forefront of our consulting services – before, during and after the project.


Before the project

  • Free pre-project
  • Tailored approach
  • Measurable customer benefit

In the project

  • Experienced employees
  • High social competence
  • High speed
  • Cooperation in all hierarchy levels
  • Lasting transparency on goal achievement

After the project

  • Sustainability through fine planning and coordination of implementation with your team
  • Implementation support on request


Stay informed

TARGUS @ BME Symposium 2022 in BERLIN

Shape procurement holistically! TARGUS @ BME Symposium Purchasing and Logistics in Berlin!​ The BME Symposium is the meeting place for experts and executives from the field of purchasing and logistics in Germany.​

New industry brochure for primary and secondary forming

We are the industry’s leading consulting company foroperations in the primary and secondary forming industry. Since its founding in 2001, TARGUS has gained substantial experience and expertise in more than 100 projects in this industry, covering the entire value chain. The selected project examples in this brochure provide an overview of our experience and way

Press release: TARGUS appoints two new partners

Ratingen – TARGUS Management Consulting AG appoints two long-time employees as new partners. Dr. Martin Kneip (45) and Dr. Stefan Maurer (39) have both been with the company for approximately 7 years and have shown outstanding performance and commitment in their fields.