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OPEX Toolbox

Our Toolbox for Operational Excellence

Personalized concepts are needed in order to remain competitive. But what works for one company, does not work for another. We guide you with our tailored concepts to Operational Excellence.

OpEx Toolbox for effective improvements

You profit from the innovative concepts developed by our consultants and enhanced by our TARGUS Toolbox, Through the unique combination of numerous methods we utilize synergies and reveal additional potential.

Synergies with the OpEx Toolbox

As international management consultants for operations we know how important it is to use the right methods in order to develop Best-of-Best solutions. From numerous well known and lesser known concepts and methods which often take into account only individual aspects of Operational Excellence, we have developed an integrated system:

The OpEx Toolbox

Proven methods such as SMED, S5 or Maintenance for example are continuously refined by our OpEx-Professionals. Our OpEx Toolbox is enhanced by our unique concepts such as Statistical Operational Data Analysis. So our consultants can refer to a variety of methodologies from which they chose the exact approaches to fit your assignment. As part of the TARGUS Toolbox the methodologies of the OpEx Toolbox are tailored for you.

OpEx Toolbox tailored

Operational Excellence is a requirement for every company. The path to achieve it is unique. With our competency and experience we chose the exact methods from our OpEx Toolbox for your project and tailor them precisely to the requirements of your company.

We customize our work.

OpEx plus for internal and external value creation

Through the combination of various methods from the OpEx Toolbox additional productivity improvements in your operations can be achieved. In order to achieve integral improvements in your internal and external value added we combine our OpEx concepts with our methodology for material cost and product cost optimization.