Supply Chain & Logistic Screening

Supply Chain & Logistics Screening to address current challenges

Ensuring an economically sustainable and resilient supply chain network is more challenging than ever. Issues are further compounded by an extensive shortage of skilled workers, an exceptional pandemic situation, high customs duties, natural disasters, the volatility of supply chains and the production processes that depend on them.

Similarly, rising logistics and energy costs weigh on a company’s overall profitability. With TARGUS Supply Chain & Logistics Screening, we provide the necessary transparency in your supply chain and uncover optimization potential. Our goal is to develop precise that can withstand the current and future challenges.

Supply Chain & Logistics Screening provides an overview of complex structures and identifies areas for action

With our Supply Chain & Logistics Screening, we systematically examine your complex supply chain and logistics processes including the influencing factors.

The relevance of supply chain and logistics management is constantly increasing due to short-lived products and changing market demands. At the same time, pandemic conditions and low retention act as a multiplier on supply chain stability. To assess the robustness and sustainability of your supply chain, we recommend the TARGUS Supply Chain & Logistics Screening.

We take inventory of your business objectives to develop tailored solutions that are aligned to organizational goals. The TARGUS Supply Chain & Logistics Screening reveals optimization potentials and organizational bottlenecks. Based on the results of the analysis, our experienced consultants create a concept that includes short-term as well as long-term measures with detailed opportunity and risk assessments.

Of course, we are happy to provide you with support in implementing the planned counter actions.

A Supply Chain & Logistics Screening tailored to your needs

Prior to the Supply Chain & Logistics Screening, we determine the objectives and the scope of the investigation together with you. In the case of different company locations, we determine those that can generate representative results for the entire supply chain. By conducting interviews with your leaders, we can understand the individual circumstances of your company. Hereby, we include not only experts of supply chain and logistics management, but also from other departments. In addition, selected employees from all locations receive a questionnaire on key processes in the company. This is the only way to identify weaknesses and uncover relevant correlations. For our consultants, it is important to identify these in the first step of the screening and to describe them on the basis of key figures. In the second step, the consolidated KPIs are used to evaluate your company’s supply chain & logistics performance by comparing them with the strategic requirements. In this way, it is possible to understand the situation holistically and to determine which internal and external levers can be used to ensure the performance. Our passion is to provide you with customized solutions in the form of concrete actions possible to execute.

As a result, the supply chain performance is fully evaluated. Calculated KPIs enables a site benchmark.

In addition, a qualitative assessment is carried out as part of a standardized questionnaire in the following categories:

  • IT infrastructure and digitalization
  • Planning processes and forecast
  • Physical material flow
  • Organizational structure
  • Resources

Typical Results from the Logistics Screenings

  • Reduction of throughput times by up to 45%
  • Increase in inventory turnover
  • Increased logistic costs control
  • Creation of transparency in key performance indicators
  • Cost reduction in physical material flow
  • Reduction of working capital
  • Increase in forecast accuracy
  • Improvement of on-time delivery and delivery performance
  • Improved distribution of outsourcing & insourcing
  • Improved material availability
  • Increased supply chain resilience
  • Increased economic supply chain sustainability
  • Increased level of digitalization


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