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Efficient purchasing with measurable value added

Exploit your potential! Modern procurement is a strategic management task that directly impacts your business’s success. With custom tailored approaches we achieve significant cost advantages and strengthen your procurement organization.

Through our method pyramid we offer you customized solutions for purchasing. We support you with our know-how in strategic processes as well as in operational tasks. We go into detail. It is important for us to situate even small methods in the overall context to ensure that measurable and visible value contributions are achieved even with the smallest measures. With tailor-made concepts, we achieve considerable cost advantages and strengthen your purchasing organization.



Investment decisions have a long-term effect on the profitability of a company.

To create complete cost transparency, the facility overhead costs must also be included in addition to material costs. This connection must be part of the planning for the investment.

For your capital goods investment we analyze your requirements with you and scrutinize all specifications in order to optimize the profitability of your investment.


The purchasing function faces many challenges: increasing internationalization, new technologies, multi-project management and early inclusion in product development are only a few areas that purchasing agents must increasingly contend with today.

However employee education often does not keep up with increasing demands. The Procurement Academy developed by TARGUS provides individual hands-on training of employees – so called „on the job procurement training“.


Complex procurement volumes, development and integration of strategic partners as well as increasing specialization and growing internationality lead to a continuously expanding role for procurement in the value added chain.

In Controlling, traditional but less meaningful key data are often used. Forward looking procurement controlling must reflect, however, on the one hand the internal contribution of the procurement organization to results and its productivity. On the other hand it is also the task of the procurement department to evaluate its suppliers based on applicable key data.

Based on our many projects in the purchasing area and also in other operating areas we support you in establishing a meaningful procurement controlling system.


Classical procurement practices solely target achieving the best price for a given material. However, significantly higher savings can result by changing the pattern of consumption or the product design and associated purchasing optimization.

In our approach to Material Cost Management we expand our methods of Material Cost Optimization though a strategic steering instrument to achieve comprehensive savings potential. The goal is to make Material Cost Management a sustainable practice in the business.


An efficient procurement organization not only contributes to the success of a company but also allows flexible reactions to complex external influences.

In order to successfully counteract increasing demands and structural changes, the purchasing function itself should regularly be reexamined.

Using our Procurement Scan we systematically evaluate with you your entire procurement procedures and help to significantly increase the utilization and value of the purchasing function.


Purchasing is responsible for 50-80% of external value added, depending on the industry. Therefore, the Strategic Purchasing plays a key role for the company’s success. This high influence of the purchasing organization on the company’s success is increasingly recognized within companies.

Whereas in the past the procurement department was solely responsible for supplying the company with goods and services from outside, modern purchasing is continuing today: Strategic purchasing has meanwhile become a central function within the company, which contributes significantly to the overall success. The regular, forward-looking and potential-exhaustive analysis of your own purchasing organization is therefore a must for successful strategic purchasing. Based on this, a competitive purchasing strategy can be developed with which not inconsiderable cost savings can be achieved.