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Procurement Scan

Purchasing involves significantly more than operational activities to supply the company with goods and services. In addition to the strategic fields, e.g.:

  • Control of material cost development
  • Influencing technology decisions
  • Coordination of different parts of the company and departments
  • Expansion of purchasing work in new markets and for new plants

Purchasing also increasingly has to deal with highly complex and volatile conditions. Depending on the market situation, these include supply bottlenecks in the market, multi-level supply chains with increasingly regulatory requirements or even strongly fluctuating raw material prices.

As a result, the demands on the organization, on the processes as well as on the employees are constantly increasing. In order to successfully meet these framework conditions and structural upheavals, the purchasing function must regularly put itself to the test and revise its strategy.

The current degree of maturity of the purchasing function can be determined via four methodological approaches:

01 Reifegrad der Einkaufsfunktion EN - Procurement-Scan

Through a combination of internal opinion and external benchmark reflected on the company’s goals, our Procurement Scan tool enables a quick evaluation of the performance of your purchasing organization and the identification of optimization potentials.

02 Verbindung Selbstbild Benchmark EN - Procurement-Scan

Project outcomes

  • Design of an optimized EC organization
  • Closer cooperation with other departments
  • Lever to increase the effectiveness of the purchasing function
  • Changed activity profile of buyers
  • Recommendation on the introduction of e-solutions
  • Creation of a strengths & weaknesses profile