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TARGUS’ restructuring playbook helps you to survive severe earnings and liquidity crises and steers you back onto the road to success

When a company experiences profit or liquidity crisis, urgent and profound support is needed to prevent imminent insolvency.

Often these situations may require a complete reorganization of the company in addition to restoring profitability and reinforcing creditworthiness with lenders.

TARGUS covers four essential restructuring elements in the comprehensive corporate restructuring playbook:

Restrukturierung EN - Restructuring

During a turnaround or restructuring project, TARGUS optimizes business operations by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and activating sales to improve the income statement on all fronts.

If your company is already in a liquidity crisis, TARGUS helps improving the financial position of your company by clearing waste from the balance sheet and establishing a consistent cash flow management.

Especially in critical times of upheaval, people remain the central success factor. Keeping employees informed about the current situation is critical to the success of the project. This creates awareness and engages the organization during the challenging structural changes ahead.

In addition, these situations offer an opportunity to strategically realign your company. TARGUS supports you throughout the transformation by tapping into new markets, new sources of income, and critically questioning existing business areas to prepare your company for the future.

In times of crisis, we help to solve your most urgent problems, restructure your business, and regain the confidence of your creditors. With this approach we create the foundation for a sustainable and successful business. By focusing on the improvement of the most competitive cost structure and building future growth, we can lead your company back onto the road to success.