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TARGUS works.: process optimization across different sites

Significant increase in productivity at different plants

At a customer with plants in the US and Mexico the areas production, logistics and supply chain needed to be optimized. With the help of successful process optimization, savings in the high six-digit range could be realized and the high workforce fluctuation has been reduced by 75 percent.

 Increase in productivity through staff retention

Situation: The Mexican plant had a very high workforce fluctuation. Loss of expertise was the consequence as the acquired knowledge of the staff could not be kept with the company due to the constant change.

TARGUS approach: A systematic analysis of human resources management determined levers in the fields of training, compensation and working environment. This led to a roadmap for workforce retention being implemented together with management. This included:

  • Realignment of the salary structure
  • Introduction of education and training measures
  • Introduction of criteria for targeted recruiting
  • Improvements in shuttle transportation and canteen
  • Staggered planning of break times

Result: The workforce fluctuation could be reduced to less than a quarter of the original value.

Successful process optimization with sustainable results through improved employee retention and intralogistics as well as higher OEE

Erfolgreiche Prozessoptimierung - TARGUS works.: process optimization across different sites

Sustainable success through staff retention, OEE increase and backlog reduction

OEE optimization increases output

Situation: The productivity of the Mexican plant was at a very low level. Especially the areas of performance and availability had significant deficits.

TARGUS approach: First OEE optimization had been performed in the production process zinc pressure die-casting. This process chain was of key importance, as a majority  of the components that were particularly relevant to the  product range were manufactured here. The measures developed by TARGUS especially focused on:

  • Introduction of systematic maintenance measures http://www.targusconsulting.com/home/about-us/concepts/production/maintenance/
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Optimization of setup times
  • Staff training
  • Improved documentation

Result: Due to the compehensive measures the OEE of the Mexican plant was increased by more than 50 percent.

Intralogistics: Savings due to improved processes

Situation: The US main plant had organizational deficiencies in intralogistics, especially in terms of interlinking of warehouse, receiving area and transportation.

TARGUS approach: After analyzing the logistics processes and the supporting areas TARGUS could identify numerous approaches for sustainable organizational improvements and implement them by

  • Reducing the warehouse area
  • Simplification of warehouse administration
  • Optimization of receiving processes
  • Increase of packing density
  • Further development of production steering
  • Introduction of prognosis-based demand planning considering seasonal fluctuations

Result: Organizational improvements in the main plant, especially in the field of intralogistics and production, led to savings of more than half a million USD. The customer’s output backlogs could be significantly reduced.

Does your company have to deal with organizational deficits as well or are there any problems in the interaction between main plant and decentralized sites?  TARGUS works. We have extensive experience in optimization processes in international companies.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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