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TARGUS is Hidden Champion 2020: Nobody achieves better results in the field of “Business Performance“

by Florian Geiger

Usually we are happy if people in the top management of large companies already know us. In this particular case, however, the joy of being treated as an insider tip for highly qualified consulting services on executive floors is even greater: We were recognized as Hidden Champion in the area of “business performance”.

The journal Capital and the WGMB Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung mbH (Scientific Society for Management and Consulting) conducted a structured, detailed survey of several hundred executives from large and medium-sized companies, identifying the “hidden champions of the consulting market 2020”, i.e. highly competent, but comparatively unknown consulting firms which are attested by their clients to have greater expertise in their disciplines than the three large consulting firms McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

Nobody did better than TARGUS on the topic of “business performance”. This means that we beat not only other hidden champions, but also the industry giants and were able to score more points in the independent evaluation than any of the other nominees. Our ability to implement our strategy was also rated as outstanding. In combination, this makes us a guarantee for effective improvements.

Targus 20 mod scaled - TARGUS is Hidden Champion 2020: Nobody achieves better results in the field of "Business Performance“

The TARGUS team from Germany and USA

Independent study structure confirms TARGUS’ lead in competence

A consulting firm cannot apply for the “Hidden Champion” award. The pre-selection is made exclusively on the basis of a proposal by an independent panel of experts from science and practice – and on the basis of empirical preliminary studies by the WGMB. The study is thus based on a consistently independent and scientifically valid basis:

For the evaluation, at least 20 of our customers were asked about our performance and our competencies. In addition, a large number of other people were contacted who have knowledge of TARGUS. This “control group” is selected by the WGMB – without prior mention and without telling us which company or person it is. This ensures that the results in the “Business Performance” area are truly valid and objective. We are very pleased that the survey results were consistently positive and that we were judged to be highly competent and effective.

This award, the third this year, marks the end of a successful 2019. An award is always a sign of good cooperation, because effective projects can only be achieved together. Therefore, we would like to thank you, our customers, for your trust, your loyalty and your support in the past year.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year!