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Optimization of setup time with the SMED approach

Optimization of setup time with the SMED approach
by Florian Geiger

More efficiency with flexible production lines

The reduction of inventory, capital commitment as well as the optimization of delivery times are common targets of many companies. What are the key drivers to reach these targets? In many cases it is the flexibility of production lines which is directly linked to setup time. The renowned SMED analysis in used in many types of industries and companies.

World class change over times even for complex setups

The renowned SMED analysis (Single Minute Exchange of Die) is used in many industries and companies for fast turnaround. However the traditional SMED methods quickly reveal their limitations for more complex processes. With complex changeovers for different sizes and products –as are common for the pharmaceutical or paper industry- a standard approach of simple observation and breakdown of individual steps is not sufficient. Therefore, TARGUS improved the SMED approach by adding project management software to the methodology which allows the use of SMED even with very complex processes using systematic due date and resource management.

Reduction of setup times of up to 50 percent

Doing a SMED analysis is the first step in reducing setup times. Even with a very sophisticated approach, SMED will typically find up to 50% additional reduction potential. Effective production will increase and yield positive results on your balance sheet. The SMED approach breaks down the set up process into individual steps which reveals potential savings. Often roles are unclear and sub-procedures are inefficient. Also the separation of internal and external tasks is important. The SMED analysis contains:

  • Observation of the current situation
  • Break down of setup procedures
  • Division of internal and external setup activities
  • Reduction of internal setup activities
  • Shifting of activities towards external setup preparations
  • Design of procedures and checklists
  • Standardization of individual setup steps

The approach can differentiate between quick wins and long term gains which can lead to even more potential. SMED offers you:

  • Reduction of setup times of up to 50%
  • Capacity improvement through higher throughput
  • Cost reduction and lower inventory
  • Shorter Time-to-market

Targus Englisch - Optimization of setup time with the SMED approach
Changeover reduction using SMED

Advanced SMED for complex manufacturing processes

Even complex manufacturing processes are eligible for the SMED analysis and the setup time optimization. We can tailor the planning, controlling and overview of setup processes for your production needs using the special approach developed by TARGUS.

The whole setup process is mapped using project management software. The current situation will be assessed by a team, consisting of production, maintenance and operators.

In the next step the proposed model is verified and optimized incorporating several set up processes. Due to the high complexity your co-workers will be integrated as well as video analysis. Based on that model potential savings are evaluated and rated. Of course, all potentials which significantly reduce the ‘critical path’ will be implemented first, but further measures to reduce process complexity and avoid production failure will also be developed.

The setup of production lines is a dynamic process with direct effect on your profitability. It must be controlled and improved on an ongoing basis.

Interested in achieving world class setup times? We are happy to answer your questions.

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