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Roadmap for Success

Create your Roadmap for Success – immediate sustainable increase of EBIT

The Roadmap for Success has the goal of immediate but sustainable increase of EBIT. In the arena of competitive pressure, increasing customer demands, rising costs and operating problems the Roadmap for Success is particularly useful in two areas:

  • Closing of an existing target shortfall
  • Prevention of the risk of a foreseeable future target shortfall

Efficient, appropriate countermeasures

With our oft proven approach Roadmap for Success we support you in achieving your desired results and in the desired amount.
Using upstream, tailored screenings we analyze the sales and cost structure in detail and then determine

  • The calculated gap between your target EBIT
  • And the ‘true‘ gap after removing overly optimistic assumptions

Similar to the due diligence process, specific fields of actions and realistic potentials are realistically defined based on the results from this first step. Based on the P/L statement the action areas are found in the sales and costs areas. In sales the main focus is on margin management, portfolio optimization and sales activation; in our experience the greatest emphasis in the costs area is on external procurement volumes, that is, direct and indirect material. In addition, there are potential savings in personnel costs, in overhead as well as in the production, maintenance and logistics areas.

Roadmap for sustainable success

In a detailed Roadmap for Success specific, detailed action plans are developed in parallel for all identified action areas, developed by various interdisciplinary teams. During this process our industry expert consultants place the highest value on reaching a binding agreement on all of these plans with your team in order to create the necessary commitment and ensure subsequent implementation.

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You increase your competitiveness and profitability with the Roadmap for Success

The Roadmap for Success has rapid and sustainable effect:

  • Rapid and significant EBIT improvement
  • Improved productivity and quality
  • Optimized and simplified processes
  • Simple but effective KPI cockpit

TARGUS has used the ‘Roadmap for Success‘ for many years within diverse industries and companies of all sizes with great success.

Contact us, together we will quickly and sustainably increase your bottom line!

Contact details:

Wehrmann 6868 300x200 - Roadmap for Success
Martin Wehrmann
E-Mail: martin.wehrmann@targusmc.de

Hülskemper 7010 300x200 - Roadmap for Success
Paul Hülskemper
E-Mail: paul.huelskemper@targusmc.de

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