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Fast Turnaround Consulting

Fast Turnaround Consulting for more profitability

Growing customer demands, operational problems, greater competitive pressure, and maturing markets often contribute to unsatisfactory revenues. With Fast Turnaround we assess the typical causes of critical business situations and achieve a rapid and comprehensive profit improvement.

Fast Turnaround tailored

Based on the current company planning and the requested return on capital employed (ROCE) we first identify the pure mathematical target shortfalls for the expected operational result (EBIT).

Goal-oriented directional change with Fast Turnaround

Depending on the starting position, we focus on cost reduction, quality improvement, product development, streamlining the product range, and winning (regaining) customers in order to regain profitability. With consistency and focus on implementation using Fast Turnaround we achieve the turnaround for your company – quick and lasting

Determination of the “true” target shortfalls

Finally, the determination of the true shortfalls follows in that an adjustment of optimistic assumptions for price/profit increase or scheduled cost improvements is conducted. During a ruthless transparency process, we reveal the clear factual basis, calculate the actual deficiencies, and develop a conservative-realistic scenario.

Roadmap for Success to eliminate shortfalls

In the “Roadmap for Success” our Fast Turnaround consultants, together with your specialists, identify concrete action plans for all action areas. All individual steps are tailored specifically to the requirements of your company. Effective implementation, realistic quantification, and chronological outcome are planned in detail and confirmed by controlling.

Another factor for success of our Fast Turnaround approach is the written commitment of the entire management team. The mandatory acceptance of the Roadmap increases the achievement of goals in all departments. When possible, implementation begins immediately and is guided by weekly verification of success and reporting of financial and qualitative key data.

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Typical results with Fast Turnaround Consulting

  • Short-term achievement of the specified Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
  • Rapid increase in profitability through portfolio and cost optimization
  • Productivity increase and quality improvement
  • Reduction of maintenance and material costs
  • Focused steering through Management by Objectives (MBO)

Fast Turnaround Consulting in the field

“Already in the concept phase of Fast Turnaround, TARGUS moved with extreme speed and active support far beyond the usual consulting role. The dynamic carried over to the management on-site who successfully carried out the project. The profit improvement far exceeded the consulting costs.“

Rapid, sustainable profitability increase

Through the consistent implementation of the specially developed Roadmap, we could achieve massive improvements in productivity and finally in ROCE for many clients, especially in the automotive and pharmaceutical areas. Essential keys for success of our Fast Turnaround approach are the application of the top targets such as EBIT or ROCE in understandable, real-time targets, such as consumption/usage or scrap rate. Thus the entire program was clarified and explained for employees, and then expanded to all areas. Supported by our consultants, the necessary changes found high acceptance and were included in the daily management practice. The improvements were integrated directly into the operational areas and quickly and permanently became part of the operational procedure.