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Supply Chain Screening

Supply Chain Screening Increases your Value-Added

Globalization and shorter product life cycles with greater variety pose ever increasing demands on the economic and competitive structure of Supply-Chain-Networks and the associated processes. With our short project Supply Chain Screening, we identify weaknesses in your value chain and develop measures to optimize your business processes.

Supply Chain Screening provides overview of complex structures

Supply Chain Management has increasingly gained importance due to short product life and massive market changes, and at the same time has become even more complex. When companies grow and enter new markets, you have the task of ensuring that your supply chain can meet the current market demands.

With the TARGUS method Supply Chain Screening, the problem areas and future demands on the supply chain of a company are determined; additionally, optimization potential and organizational bottlenecks are exposed. Our experienced supply chain experts develop a supply chain concept that encompasses both, short and long-term approaches, as well as detailed risk and opportunity evaluations.

We would like to support you in the supply chain transformation process at your company. The Supply Chain Screening is a tried and true method in our TARGUS-Toolbox, which can be rapidly implemented and combined with other TARGUS-Methods.
For the logistics area we have also developed a self-contained Logistics Screening, specially designed to improve the efficiency of your logistics.

Supply Chain Screening tailored

To begin a Supply Chain Screening, we select representative supply chains together with you, for every company has its own structures and processes. For our consultants, it is important to recognize the representative supply chains at the beginning of the Supply Chain Screening and describe them systematically. The selected products a data analysis is carried out with the various key numbers from customer and company viewpoints. These key numbers are used to describe the current supply chain performance of your company. using the selected supply chains as examples. and to compare with the strategic requirements.

In the next step a questionnaire is sent to the supply chain responsible parties within your company as well as to additional employees. Our consultants also carry out targeted expert interviews with selected employees. In this way weaknesses are efficiently identified, studied in detail and relevant connections revealed. Through our individually tailored process, you receive a customized supply chain concept for a higher performance of your business.

Supply Chain Screening ENG L - Supply Chain Screening

Typical Results of Supply Chain Screenings

  • Create transparency of key performance data
  • Cost reduction in physical material flow
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Reduction of working capital
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Improve the outsourcing/insourcing ratio
  • Improve physical material availability

Supply Chain Screening applied

In order to examine business processes for their robustness and sustainability, TARGUS carried out a Supply Chain Screening in the framework of a Post-Merger-Integration project. The supply chain analysis revealed that the forecasts for the necessary supply items were neither entered into the IT system, nor synchronized with the current inventory and day-to-day orders. This was the reason for the deficient availability of items.

Our experienced consultants in manufacturing and trade developed a forecasting tool that took into account the specific requirements of the company. Going forward, with the help of this tool, the customer was able to create precise forecasts and transfer these to the IT System itself. Through the measures resulting from the Supply Chain Screening, item availability was significantly improved.