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Product Development Consulting

Product Development Consulting lowers change costs

Flexibility, efficiency, and innovative capability are essential factors in the area of product development. In opposition are ever increasing customer demands, as well as tight schedules and cost budgets. In order to utilize existing resources most effectively, it is important to first begin with product development and not in production. Right from the start of the development phase, the approach developed by TARGUS Efficient Product Development directs its attention to the rigorous avoidance of all non-essential processes and work steps. Efficient product development is the key to optimum use of resources.

Efficient product development eliminates unnecessary processes

Although most companies have a formal product development process (PDP), in reality they are not comprehensively applied. But even with focused planning and construction methods, a significant percentage of total costs and project run time are caused by change costs, especially with large projects.

A comprehensive approach to efficient product development depends on the available structures and detailed analysis of the former process steps in the essential areas of product development.

TARGUS Efficient Product Development L - Product Development Consulting

Requirements Management

  • Timely, precise mapping of customer requirements and connections with company in-house requirements
  • Formulation of clear design guidelines
  • Forward-looking planning and strong systematization of requirements management to avoid modification

Product Development

  • Introduction of front loading is increasing the planning effort in the early concept phase of product development to favor a clearly defined process from planning to manufacturing

Change Management

  • Rapid identification of change requirements, comprehensive evaluation and timely countermeasures/actions
  • Close cooperation with Requirements Management
  • High transparency of the current project status in each phase of the individual projects
  • Stringent recording of number, scope, and status of all changes, especially in large projects

Product Development Consulting tailored for you

Transparency, timely recognition of change requirements, and rapid response increase flexibility in product development and lead to significant cost savings. Based on customer specific requirements in the product development process, our experienced consultants develop tailored approaches for efficient product development.

Based on our many years of experience in the areas of mechanical engineering, ship building, and large projects, using our efficient product development methods, we can quickly recognize optimization potential and also support the company in concrete design and operating implementation.

Reviews are carried out according to firm guidelines to create transparency in the development progress and form the basis for necessary decisions and corrective measures. The steps of the review processes are defined by TARGUS, along with the project leaders within the company. TARGUS also assists with the initial reviews in the pilot projects. Further reviews can then be carried out by the company independently.

In addition to the procedures for requirements management, product development, and change management, TARGUS can complement its efficient product development approach upon request with other Tools from tracking of measures through individual coaching of Requirements or Change Managers.

Typical Results of Product Development Consulting

  • Cost reductions in the product development process of up to 20% through more efficient allocation of resources, more transparency, better planning, and flexible reaction to all change requirements
  • Reduction of product development expenditures through structured and systematic management of requirements, rigorous reviews, and management via quality gates
  • Lowering of change costs through timely identification of changes, comprehensive evaluation, and speedy execution
  • Higher commitment for customers and sub-suppliers through clear agreements and defined design guidelines
  • Quicker Time-to-Market and higher innovation capability through elimination of process delays and unnecessary ballast

Efficient Product Development applied

Through company acquisitions, our customer from the pharmaceutical industry needed to coordinate the various R&D departments, integrate processes, and create an efficient network.

To solve this task, our consultants conducted a review of the entire R&D network using our Efficient Product Development methods. Along with the evaluation of the current situation, a target plan was also prepared. This comparison revealed several deviations. Together with the department heads, TARGUS developed implementation plans that were tailored to the individual R&D departments.

TARGUS supported the organization re-alignment of the R&D network along the developed Roadmap. Through implementation of Efficient Product Development measures, additional savings potential could be activated and sustainable performance improvement incrementally achieved.