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Procurement Scan

The Procurement Scan evaluates your productivity

An efficient procurement organization not only contributes to the success of a company, but also allows flexible reactions to complex external influences. In order to successfully counteract increasing demands and structural changes, the purchasing function itself should regularly be re-examined. Using our Procurement Scan, we systematically evaluate with you your entire procurement procedures and help to significantly increase the utilization and value of the purchasing function.

Solid Factual Basis Using Procurement Scan

Through a combination of internal opinion polls and external benchmarks, the Procurement Scan allows a rapid evaluation of the efficiency of the purchasing organization and the identification of savings potential. Using tested methods, you can listen to the wishes of your employees – as well as those from other departments – and replace emotional debates with a solid fact basis.

Building on the results of the Procurement Scan, measures are defined to further develop procurement strategy, organization, infrastructure, and leadership. Through close cooperation between the company management and other departments, the prospects for success for the suggested changes are significantly increased. The Procurement Scan is a short project. If desired, we can support you throughout the detailed implementation of the developed road map.

Procurement Scan tailored

Our Procurement Scan analysis tool is not a standard methodology, but part of our TARGUS Toolbox. At the beginning, we customize with you the review contents and analysis to your wishes and individual situation. The central questions of the Procurement Scan are determined based on the procurement situation on-site. Through detailed preparation, you receive tailored results for an efficient procurement organization.

ENG Procurement Scan 600 - Procurement Scan

Typical results from the Procurement Scan

  • A comprehensive multi-department plan to enhance procurement
  • Agreed upon responsibilities of other departments to achieve procurement success
  • Motivated purchasing personnel through intensive involvement
  • Strengthened perception of purchasing in other departments and by company management
  • Established decision making panels

Procurement Scan in Action

In a purchasing project, our advisors conducted individual conversations with all purchasing related areas after determining the relevant issues using Procurement Scan. Different and very individualized views surfaced. These were evaluated with somewhat surprising results. For example, the overload of purchasing personnel was due to an increasing involvement in production planning. Through the use of external benchmarks, less emotional discussions were possible. This produced a sophisticated strengths/weaknesses profile.

Action plan resulting from the Procurement Scan

The results of the Procurement Scan were compiled into an action plan with short and mid-term goals. One result of the project was to further bundle the strategic functions of purchasing and create free time for strategic analysis. In addition, an interdisciplinary steering committee in which disputed actions could be evaluated was implemented. Also, employee motivation during the preparation of the action plan was very high due to intensive involvement in the transparent decision process. Additionally, there were several measures that resulted in rapid results such as a training initiative and other measures in which various departments were actively integrated.