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Procurement Controlling

Procurement Controlling with the right key data

Complex procurement volumes, development, integration of strategic partners, as well as increasing specialization and growing internationality lead to a continuously expanding role for procurement in the value added chain. In Controlling, traditional but less meaningful key data are often used. Forward looking procurement controlling must reflect, however, on the one hand the internal contribution of the procurement organization to results and its productivity. On the other hand, it is also the task of the procurement department to evaluate its suppliers based on applicable key data. Based on our many projects in the purchasing area and also in other operating areas, we support you in establishing a meaningful procurement controlling system.

Comprehensive Procurement Controlling in two steps

Beginning in structured workshops jointly with procurement and controlling, key data that is essential for supervising suppliers is gathered. The necessary data is derived from the ERP System and prepared in a relational data bank so that procurement is quickly and comprehensively informed on all key data.

The development of a Balanced Scorecard is the next step in procurement controlling. In order to increase future sustainability, the organization goals are broken down into measurable variables. By means of the resulting cause-effect chain, the key numbers are defined and optimization measures are prepared which increase the long-term contribution of procurement to success.

Tailored Procurement Controlling

TARGUS procurement controlling is a personalized solution for your procurement department. Together with your purchasing team, we define the relevant key data, develop the controlling data, and support you in the introduction of a data bank so that work may begin without lengthy IT involvement. Thus, a solution is found that is tailor made for your company. Also, our purchasing experts support your purchasing department in the preparation of a balanced score card. You receive a customized, meaningful key data system, with high user acceptance, that does not produce useless numbers but delivers exactly the information that you require.

Typical results of Purchasing Controlling

  • Transparency of relevant procurement data
  • Clear orientation of the procurement organization towards corporate goals.
  • Improved measurability and supervision of procurement
  • Consideration of monetary and future oriented data in a cause-effect chain to ensure long term profit contribution