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TARGUS wins two titles as “Hidden Champion”

by Kai Berninger

An exciting surprise shortly before Christmas: TARGUS was awarded as “Hidden Champion of Consulting” for the second time in a row.
Once again, TARGUS achieved first place for the most crucial category “Business Performance” in the most recent study, conducted by WGMB (Scientific Society for Management and Consulting) and Capital – a German-based business magazine.
The category “Business Performance” is a core discipline in management consulting over the entire industrial value chain, starting with R&D, Purchasing, Production, Logistics, and Marketing & Sales. TARGUS achieves better results in this category than all other management consulting firms – including top players like McKinsey, BCG, Bain & Co.

Prozess HC Englisch - TARGUS wins two titles as "Hidden Champion"

Especially satisfying: For the first time, TARGUS also achieved third place in the Category “purchasing & procurement” and therefore also received the award Hidden Champion
Our excellent performance is rounded off with a third place in the “Engineering & Production” category and first place in the “Implementation capability” category.
The last-mentioned category is especially important for customers considering a consulting partner because brilliant concepts only yield results if the implementation is done correctly.

Analyses conducted by the WGMB under the management of Prof. Dietmar Fink – professor at the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg – are very well respected within the consulting and German business industry due to their in-depth research and their high professional standards.

Only Consulting firms that were selected by an independent panel of experts from science and practice are being considered to take part in the Consulting-Checkup.
The quality of consulting firms is being evaluated based on structured and extensive interviews, where hundreds of executives of large and medium-sized companies are taking part. Participants are clients and non-clients who know the consulting firm.
This two-pronged approach with a control group guarantees credible and objective results.
The excellent performance by TARGUS is an impressive confirmation of our strategy, our company culture, and our Targonauts, which are characterized by a unique combination of skills, experience, and commitment.
But the most crucial factor for success is an excellent and trusted collaboration with our customers, whom we still assure: TARGUS works.