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Due Diligence

Due Diligence for safe investments/acquisitions

Business investments are far reaching strategic decisions. Therefore thorough investigation from the start is essential. We evaluate the opportunities and risks of your planned investment and ensure your investment planning with our experience and Know-how.

The purpose of an investment can vary, but they are always of importance to corporate strategy. Our comprehensive Due Diligence examination encompasses therefore the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the target company.

Due Diligence considers both quantitative and qualitative aspects

Part of the qualitative analysis is, for example, the evaluation of corporate strategy, management personnel, processing landscape and condition of production and/or workplace. The quantitative analysis focuses in contrast on an evaluation of current profit forecasts taking into account different opportunities and risks. In addition to a detailed profit forecast exit strategies are also developed and evaluated.

At the start of Due Diligence our internationally active consultants working together with you establish the focal points of the analysis and prepare check lists for the required information requests. The target company makes the requested information available in a secure virtual data room. For verification of the information and to support the evaluation the production/work place is also inspected and interviews with the management team are conducted. After completion of Due Diligence you receive a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations for your planned investment.

Due Diligence tailored

TARGUS distinguishes itself through its many years of experience in Due Diligence projects in diverse industries. Our industry experts and former line managers are knowledgeable in many different industries. Additionally our first class connections to industry and science guarantee an informed validation of your business case. In addition to detailed investigation our strengths lie above all in operational on-site observation and analysis of possible improvement possibilities. So you obtain along with your Due Diligence report plans for operational improvements.

Typical Results from Due Diligence

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the company
  • Profit forecast taking opportunities/risks into account
  • Exit strategies