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SCM and Logistics

Supply Chain Management und Logistics

On time at the right place. Optimize your logistics. Through transparent processes you will find time wasters and cost drivers. With sophisticated approaches we show you via simulations which process changes result in the largest profit.

Through transparent processes, you will find time-wasters and cost drivers. With sophisticated concepts, we show you which process changes promise the greatest profit for your company:

Supply Chain Management: We look at your company within and outside the network. In line with your entrepreneurial strategy, efficient processes are planned and implemented. With a suitable process control, the processing times are shortened and cost advantages are achieved.

Logistic Management: We focus on the internal processes at the sites. Short turnaround times and high quality create sustainable competitive advantages. Optimized processes, inventories and transports sustainably reduce costs.



Through analysis of the individual processes we reveal manufacturing steps and value streams in order to recognize weaknesses and bottlenecks. Using simulation our logistics experts can not only display the comparison between internal and external performance, but prepare effective suggestions for your plant design.


An essential element of an efficient production process is a lean organization with high equipment availability, a high degree of efficiency and low scrap rates. With Value Stream Mapping we use a recognized method to measure and display transparently the current structure of the entire processing landscape.


In many companies logistics costs have a high significance. Ultimately they comprise from 7% (industry) to 16% (trade) share of total costs. With the Logistics Screening we reveal optimization potential and initiate sustainable measures which significantly increase the performance of logistics in your company.


Demographic changes, shortage of resources, increasing cost and competitive pressures, elevated customer demands and globalization are forcing companies to react to volatility in the marketplace and restructure their production networks. With the PLACE-Model developed at TARGUS we offer you a field tested approach to optimize your localization projects.


Globalization and shorter product life cycles with greater variety pose ever increasing demands on the economic and competitive structure of Supply-Chain-Networks and the associated processes. With our short project Supply Chain Screening we identify weaknesses in your value chain and develop measures to optimize your business processes.


Supply Chain Management is the company-wide coordination and optimization of the entire Value Added Chain from raw material procurement through the individual process stages up to the final product to the customer. As leading management consultants for operations we support you in setting up and optimizing an efficient Supply Chain Management system.