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TARGUS wins two titles as “Hidden Champion”

by Kai Berninger Kai Berninger No Comments

An exciting surprise shortly before Christmas: TARGUS was awarded as “Hidden Champion of Consulting” for the second time in a row.
Once again, TARGUS achieved first place for the most crucial category “Business Performance” in the most recent study, conducted by WGMB (Scientific Society for Management and Consulting) and Capital – a German-based business magazine.
The category “Business Performance” is a core discipline in management consulting over the entire industrial value chain, starting with R&D, Purchasing, Production, Logistics, and Marketing & Sales. TARGUS achieves better results in this category than all other management consulting firms – including top players like McKinsey, BCG, Bain & Co.

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New industry brochure for primary and secondary forming

by Florian Geiger Florian Geiger No Comments

We are the industry’s leading consulting company foroperations in the primary and secondary forming industry. Since its founding in 2001, TARGUS has gained substantial experience and expertise in more than 100 projects in this industry, covering the entire value chain. The selected project examples in this brochure provide an overview of our experience and way of working. Read more