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TARGUS repeats in both categories of Wirtschaftswoche’s “Best of Consulting” Awards

by Florian Geiger

For the second time in a row, TARGUS Management Consulting has achieved a top rank in “Wirtschaftswoche” magazine’s “Best of Consulting” competition. TARGUS defended its first place rating in “Operations” from the previous year. A new addition was the “Strategy” (Restructuring) category.

BoC 2019 Operations Preisübergabe 1 - TARGUS repeats in both categories of Wirtschaftswoche’s "Best of Consulting" Awards

Laudatory speecher Varinia Bernau (WiWo), Dr. Florian Geiger, Gerd Wehner, Dr. Karsten Meyer (TARGUS) and moderator Susanne Schöne (left to right)

There is a reason for this success: Companies that have already worked with TARGUS know our high quality and service standards. They know that our project work makes their companies more efficient and competitive – in short, better. Admittedly, it is more difficult for those who have not worked with us before. Because at the “Beauty Contest”, i.e. during the bidding phase of a consulting project, a client can often only compare the daily rate of the individual consulting companies. Expected outcomes are much more difficult to compare. So how can a company be sure, having chosen us, that they have selected the best in the field for its consulting project?

Objectivity and comparability are the key evaluation criteria

In order to create transparency here, “Wirtschaftswoche” launched the “Best of Consulting” competition ten years ago. The goal: “To make the subjective measurable“.
An independent advisory board of academic experts and an expert jury of experienced consulting decision-makers assess and evaluate comparable consulting projects from similar economic segments using scientific methods, thus enabling an objective comparison between various management consultancies. For this purpose, among other things, anonymous customer feedback is obtained for each respective consulting project.  Not only is the primary project contact in the client questioned, but also at least two other executives impacted by the project’s success. – a 3-fold evaluation.

In the end, success only counts for the customer

In addition to the juxtaposition of self-image and public image, “Best of Consulting” places special emphasis on customer benefit. Only if the project’s success has been proven to perfectly meet the client’s needs will a consultant obtain the maximum score. This is assessed and evaluated by each member of the Advisory Board in four different areas:a professional/technical dimension, a communication dimension, realized impact, and customer satisfaction. The sum total of all points provides a ranking of the best consulting companies in Germany.

TARGUS has performed exceptionally well in operations, where we clearly left the competition behind and, as in the previous year, won first place as a Tier One consultant. Therefore, any company can be assured that with TARGUS they have an outstanding partner at its side for operational projects, questions regarding the value chain and / or process optimization. TARGUS also achieved similar success in the strategy (restructuring) category, where we achieved an outstanding second place with an “excellent” rating.

The vote by the experts shows what our customers already know: TARGUS’ consultants are experts in improving company competitiveness with a continuous optimization of the entire value chain. We, the Targonauts (as our consultants call us), are proud to have our unique strengths judged transparently, objectively and independently – and have once again been voted one of the best management consultancies in German-speaking countries.

All that remains here is to say “Thank you”. Especially to the customers who took part in the extensive surveys and our dedicated project teams.
This success would not have been possible without you!


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