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Don’t bury your data – use it!

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Improve your quality by analyzing the operating data with statistical tools.

You are literally flooded with all the data collected during the manufacturing process. But how do you determine what data is useful and valuable for improving your production performance and conducting root cause analysis? Using Statistical Operational Data Analysis “SODA” we combine the data into a data cube and analyze it with sophisticated statistical tools. This reveals formerly unknown interfaces and can be used for in-depth root cause analysis. This allows problems or quality defects to be identified and remediated. SODA was developed by our consultants as an innovative addition to the existing approaches in our Targus Toolbox. Read more

Procurement Scan

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Is your procurement department World Class?

Our procurement scan quickly reveals the answer. Our systematic approach gives you an indication of the performance of your procurement department. This provides a systematic assessment and overview of the performance of your department. In addition, we indicate proposed improvements. A matrix with medium and short term approaches is derived from the analysis.

Up to now, most companies have underestimated the importance of procurement. The procurement department accounts for about 60% of a company’s expenditures. Hidden profit potential not only result in cost reduction or efficiency increase but also have an on-going effect on the performance of the entire company.

In a short project we investigate the impact of procurement on company performance. The examination has on two main approaches:

  • Internal opinion assessment
  • External benchmarking

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